Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Khel Tamashaa!

I feel a strong urge to blurt out a few words on the Tamashaa that is in progess on indian TV channels these days and the role of almost real-time relationships in bringing about this ultimate entertainment.Innovation and creativity is the name of the game as i see it.

Lets start with the concept of flashing an innocuous question at the bottom of the screen as a supplement to the main program that is being aired. The question read like this yesterday " Wat d u think of the Deepika- Farhan Jodi in kartik calling kartik". This question seemed rather interesting and could have featured in one of the routine republic day debates as it might have fetched higher TRP's than the drab discussions on the legislature and executive in our country.But more interesting were the responses. In fact i should use the word 'astonishing' for the kind of sms'es, that started pouring in, supposedly as answers to the question mentioned above.

Sms 1- hey preeti...wassup babe...howz she also arnd...missyaa guysss...
Sms 2- zahana babes...this is prateek...muaaaaahhh!
Sms 3- The jodi of deepika - farhaan is a bit odd but i think that is why it is special..
Sms 4- Anjali...i misss u choooo mucchhh...u r choooo chweeettt....

Whaaatttttttt has happened to the youth of this country i ask?. Or is it me? Did i read the question wrongly or did i not properly appreciate its subtle nature. Was it in a code language which read like a question on Deepika and Farhan but meant " Express ur puppy luv on it as if u gonna die in d next 13.5 seconds". But i think there was an ass in the respondents too. Please refer to sms 3. He/she was a fool like me. He/she took the question literally and answered it as it is. It a different matter though that even that answer was a coded peice of shit.Read it carefully once again. It says " I am a nincompoop...i dish out silly words like odd/even/special in answering questions of national importance".All in all it was such a shocker for me that i am still recovering from the virtual amnesia (if at all it means anything) that had struck me then.

Next is the rivetting "Dare to Date" drama on channel V. As per my understanding of the concept of this pgm, after having consumed all the episodes of its first season,you bring two people, with seemingly opposite likes/tastes/expectations, together for a date and you shall get the highest levels of enjoyment from the comedy that ensues. Now not only the couple spends a date together, the participants also shower expletives at the counterpart as an afterthought in background. Whoever said that "dating is just for fun" was true to the "e" i must say. People say all of it is staged. Even if it is, how does the channel choose just the right kind of dumbos to perform brilliantly on the show. And if all the shown participants are actors then i believe channel V should start grooming talent for Hollywood/Bollywood/Tollywood and if possible Lollywood. To add to the beauty of the show is the VJ - Andy, who at almost all times confuses the audience by acting like a female from inside an apparent male body. The confusion remains as to whether Andy represents the male or the female sect or infact both at the same time. If its the third type then i must congratulate channel V for hiring such an amazing talent.This also brings me to a humble request that i deem myself fit to make to the channel walaas. Please let me be a participant on the show in the next season. I am an excellent opposite when it comes to whatever girls expect of males in terms of thinking/tastes/refinement/courtesey etc etc etc. I can be used in all the episodes with changing only the female participants. I think i have made an offer which could hardly be refused.

Third in my favorite list is "Emotional Atyachaar" on bindaas.This amazing concept involves prying on the life of a couple and then systematically introducing an "Under-cover Agent" (which sounds more like a "Property Agent" ) in the life of the dodgier half of the relationship. The dodgy he/she slips and is pulled into the gutter of adjectives like 'Madh****od"/"Behe***od/fu*****as***le/bastard/son of aye beeecch/Whore', by the worse half. The music of abuses is followed by the practical stuff " oh i luved u so much...i cared for i dump u" or " i was just going to tell u that i had another boyfriend"..another??..or one more??. I am at a complete loss in getting to the real meaning of the word love/care employed by the couples in the situations described above. May be i have not evolved with time or may be i am not wise enough.Moreover,I always thought that abuses were the forte of the Mini-Bus Drivers/Conductors of Bhopal. But these nayi ganeration ka chokraa chokrees i tell you, have the wherewithall to give them a serious run for their money. During this dramatic show of whoz cheating on whom, a very interesting creature is the " Under-wear"...oops! sry..."Under-Cover Agent". These agents be-friend the weaker half of an already existing relationship in absolutely no time so as to have the cheating required for drama, which to my mind is 'Charm' at its best. I pity listless males like me, who even after having applied "Charm"is to thier faces since time immemorial, could only manage to become "Snake-charmers" if anything. I personally have not been able to win over even an absolutely single lady, with all the charm that i could borrow, let alone the one whoz already "living happily ever after" in a relationship.

Charmers like Leaders are born and not made as they say.

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  1. Emotional Atyachaar is atleast an innovative concept...Although the undercover agent role profile is seriously similar to a prostitute.

    Dare 2 Date actually speaks of the rich girl poor guy syndrome...recently saw one episode with a Mr. dehradun and a Ms. fiery dilli wali...awesome it was...